visitors services

At the time of admission patients or patient’s attendant will be given passes as below:


Room Surgery Pass Attendant Pass
Semi Deluxe 1 2
Deluxe 1 2
General Ward 1 2
Oncology Ward 1 2
Trauma Ward 1 2
Paediatric 1 *1 ( 2 passes are issued incase the child is below 12yrs )


  • At the time of admission, two refundable visitor passes are issued to patient’s attendant. Which remain valid till date of discharge.
  • Visitor hour is between 8am-7pm.
  • Children below 10 years are not allowed as visitors in the hospital.
  • A surgery pass is issued half hour before the scheduled time of surgery and is valid till the end of surgery.
  • Pass issued for CABG surgery is valid until 8 AM next day.
  • Only one attendant is permitted to stay with the patients round the clock (except in Executive, Semi Deluxe and Paediatric Rooms). Attendant pass is valid up to the date of discharge.
  • Attendant of the patient admitted in ICUs will remain in the hospital in the attended waiting area. He or she is permitted to spend the night in the Vishram Grah, free Dharamshala run by Birla Nagar Jan seva trust.
  • Passes can be renewed at the Reception / Admission counter.